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6 PM TO 7:30 PM

Organizer: Jim Furlong

Phone: 212-760-9837

Email: jfurlong@hudsonguild.org

Opening Reception: Evy Williams/The Creative Journey Never Ends

Join us on opening night to celebrate this retrospective of work by Penn South artist, Evy Williams. A self-taught, abstract artist and native New Yorker, Evy began focusing on art after abandoning a career as court reporter in the criminal court of New York. She started painting in 1983 and began to show her work locally. In 1990, she was accepted for membership in the Asheville Gallery of Art. In 2000 she was granted a fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center. She has exhibited previously at the Hudson Guild Gallery as well as in Chautauqua, New York; Princeton, NJ and Portland, ME.

About The Creative Journey Never Ends: Mystical sunsets and patterns in the earth’s surface provide an abundance of color and texture from which Evy’s ideas originate. New Mexico has played a primary role as a source of inspiration. The adobe homes and art studios with muted shades of brownish, terra cotta contrast with colorful art everywhere. This harmonious and spiritual place filled with the richness of Native American culture has had a positive effect on her work and continues to be a great source of inspiration.

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