Youth Development & Education

Young people, ages 5-24, come to Hudson Guild for academic achievement, life skills development, college and career training, employment experience, recreation and emotional support.

Young people, ages 5-24, come to Hudson Guild for academic achievement, life skills development, college and career training, employment experience, recreation and social/emotional support. Through free afterschool, summer camp, college preparation and workforce development programs, the Guild’s youth participate in the arts, socialize in structured peer groups, engage in sports and physical activity, attend field trips to sites beyond the neighborhood and rely on a strong staff support network.

After School
The Guild’s SchoolBridge, and SONYC provide free after-school programming for participants in elementary and middle school grades. Offering a safe, healthy and enriching environment, these programs increase young people’s opportunities to have fun and explore interests while developing lifelong skills through experiential learning. Afterschool youth participate in a range of activities including literacy and STEM enrichment lessons, tutoring, homework assistance, lessons aligned with school curricula to enhance school day learning, and creative arts activities such as dance, music, and pottery.

Hudson Guild’s commitment to fostering the well-being of the whole child includes an emphasis on physical activity, recreation and healthy living, achieved in part through a partnership with the Chelsea Recreation Center, one of the largest sports facilities in New York City. After school programs operate from 2:30 to 6:00 pm during the school year, and in summer time from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

For more information about Hudson Guild’s Afterschool programs contact:
SchoolBridge Elliott & Recreation Centers (k-4th & 6th-8th grades)
441 West 26th Street. Contact: 
SchoolBridge @ P.S. 191 (6th-8th grade)
210 West 61st. Contact:

Summer Camp
For seven weeks each summer, more than 300 campers participate in the Guild’s free full-day summer camp. The program is offered to children who are K through 8th grade. The camp provides academic enrichment, arts and crafts, music, martial arts, yoga, recreational team games and field trips to NYC cultural sites as well as breakfast, lunch and snacks. Registration begins in March each year.

SHSAT Preparation 
SHSAT is an eight week program that gives students the opportunity to prepare for the exam that 8th graders take in the early fall for admissions into eight of the city’s specialized high schools. Topics include Mathematics, English/Language Arts, test-taking strategies and time management techniques. This academic program is open to any interested New York City student currently in the 6th or 7th grade. Hudson Guild’s SHSAT program is completely free and takes place Saturday and Sunday from every 9:00 A.M. to 1 P.M. For more information contact Ashley Bermudez,

Pathway to Graduation (P2G)
Through a partnership with the Department of Education, POWER UP helps youth who have not finished high school obtain a high school diploma through the Pathways to Graduation (P2G) program. Students, ages 17-24 receive full-day guided academic instruction from two certified and licensed DOE teachers in preparation for the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC – formerly known as the GED exam). Students participate in weekly support groups focused on college and training programs, work readiness, as well as life skills groups to provide them with communication, conflict resolution, perseverance and time management skills. For more information contact Charles Sands,

POWER UP seeks to empower teens and young adults to recognize and achieve their potential by providing opportunities for work, education and recreation. Experienced staff social workers and educators work one-on-one and in groups with young people to foster learning, provide support, and ensure access to resources. Program components include College and Work Readiness workshops, academic tutoring, SAT prep, college tours, community service projects, internships, cooking classes and more.

For more information about Power Up contact:
Career Access Services, Jahreek Beatty,

Tech Up
Tech Up provides training in the use of technology and digital media for teens and young adults in order to equip them for higher education and employability in today’s digital and tech-heavy workplace. The Tech Up program recruits, trains, supervises and supports youth from the community in technology-based academic and employment tracks.
The Hudson Guild Tech Up Lab opened in February 2016 with support from Jamestown, L.P., NYCHA and Google. In partnership with media/tech education provider The LAMP, Tech Up provides training in media and digital literacy, and includes instruction in graphic design, coding, video and audio production, blogging, web design, and more. Tech Up students also have access to a state of the art in-house recording studio. For more information contact Charles Sands,

Digital Career Path Program:
Digital Career Path is an intensive 15-week program that provides teens and young adults who are neither in school nor employed the opportunity to critically explore online media and develop digital literacy skills that will prepare them for further education and/or future employment. Students learn the Adobe Creative Cloud software, video production and graphic design, as well as basic coding and web design skills. They discuss issues such as digital footprint and digital privacy and examine ways to responsibly manage their own online presence. Students also collaborate on digital entrepreneurship and client-based projects that challenge and showcase their communication and networking skills. All students who complete the workshop produce a digital portfolio and engage in meaningful internships. For more information contact Charles Sands,

The Recording Studio Workshop:
The Recording Studio Workshops give teens and young adults the opportunity to learn elements of audio engineering, including music production, music software applications, and songwriting techniques to develop their own original compositions. The Workshop is led by Nick Lattanzi, a composer, music producer and lead singer of the band, Sun Cut Flat. Working with small groups of up to three, Lattanzi provides training and support in writing and recording original songs using professional software. Participants can also learn how to create covers and make beats using samples from vinyl and MIDI instruments. All the work created in the workshop is posted on the bandcamp site called Hudson Guild Recordings. The Recording Studio Workshop meets on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:30pm – 8:00pm throughout the summer. If you are interested in scheduling a recording or instruction session in the Workshop, contact Charles Sands,