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Junior Advisory Board

 The Junior Advisory Board is a leading group of young professionals that act as ambassadors of Hudson Guild's mission. The Guild serves Chelsea's most vulnerable neighbors. Junior Board members leverage their passion for the Guilds mission to become long-term resources and use their personal and professional networks to fundraise, advocate, and volunteer in support of Hudson Guild's vital services.


Please join Hudson Guild's Junior Advisory Board for their Spring Fundraiser to support Hudson Guild's Youth programs.

After a very difficult 2020, largely spent indoors and connected to screens, Hudson Guild's Junior Advisory Board wants to help NYC kids get back outside, connected to offline activities and each other.

To support their learning, growth, and social skills building, Hudson Guilds summer camp is back! And they're building out more robust sports and learning activities to ensure kids stay stimulated, get active, build self-esteem, work in teams, and improve their focus. To support this important initiative, the Hudson Guild Junior Advisory Board is seeking to raise $10K to launch this programming and ensure more kids can participate at this critical time in their development.

Our youth have been greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic as remote learning has resulted in a learning loss and negatively impacted students' social skills. Many Hudson Guild families are struggling financially, and with the funds we raise, we will help offset the many costs associated with summer camp and athletic programs. It is our goal to help these young students enjoy the summer and get back on track ahead of the new school year, will you help us?

Here are some types of things that different donations level could support:

$25 - can cover the costs for a participant's Summer Camp t-shirt 

$50 - can help pay for art supplies for one camper all summer

$100 - is the equivalent of a week of summer camp for a child

$250 - could help cover a camper’s breakfast and lunch for the summer

$500 - is roughly the cost for a trip for 20 campers to places like the Intrepid Museum, bowling, or Madame Tussaud’s

$1000 - would help offset the costs of sending a kid to camp for the entire summer