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Workforce Development Program

Hudson Guild is planning a new workforce development program that will provide job seekers with support and coaching, while organizing a West Side Workforce Collaborative - a network of local employers interested in hiring and retaining quality candidates.

Recent news has reported that NYC has regained only 82% of the jobs lost in the pandemic- nearly 200,000 jobs below the pre-pandemic level. Young adults, 18-24, have been hit particularly hard with the unemployment rate for young men exceeding 20%.

With the current administration beginning to plan its overhaul of workforce development programs, it is incumbent upon social services providers in every neighborhood to assist individuals in their search for employment, their efforts to upskill, and their pursuit of opportunities in growing labor markets in NYC.

In support of this effort, Hudson Guild is launching a workforce development program in service to individuals who are associated with its current (or future) activities and services, as well as neighbors and other community members who live in Chelsea and on the west side.

This program will 1) Help community members to find and keep jobs; and 2) Bring corporations and local businesses together to launch a West Side Work Coalition (WSWC) that connects employers to local talent. 

How To Get Involved

If you are a job seeker wishing to learn more about employment opportunities within the West Side Work Coalition, please contact (*APPROPRIATE EMAIL HERE*).

If you are a business and wish to connect with the West Side Work Coalition to benefit your work and your staff, please contact Wilson Cano, Deputy Executive Director, 

If you are a provider of supportive services programs that help community members develop job readiness skills and career development opportunities, please contact (*APPROPRIATE EMAIL HERE*).

Employment opportunities available now within the WSWC

If you are interested in being a part of the new program and supporting its growth and success, click the link below associated with these open positions today.

Workforce Development Specialist, or Case Manager