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10 AM TO 7 PM

Organizer: Jim Furlong

Phone: 212-760-9837

Email: jfurlong@hudsonguild.org

Discourse and Discovery

This show will present the work of five artists who are teachers for Elders Share the Arts — an arts organization dedicated to providing creative arts experiences in all disciplines –drama, writing, movement, and music as well as painting, photography and collage– for low income seniors throughout New York City.  The five artists are Humberto Chavez, Esperanz Cortez, Emily Abramson, Susan Newmark and Ray Lin, whose work differs in terms of media, process and aesthetic orientation.  Humberto Chavez was born in Cuba and his paintings and pastels have an intensity of color and form that evoke memory. Esperanza Cortes’ paintings, sculptures and installations reference powerful rituals and folk art traditions of Latin America and multicultural commonalities; she was recently awarded the prestigious Joan Mitchell award for her work. Emily Abramson is a photographer working in black and white who investigates women and their concerns. Susan Newmark‘s narrative work on paper integrates collage, paint and found objects with figurative and abstract elements. Ray Lin, a sculptor who works in both abstract and figurative forms, experiments with many different kinds of materials and found objects.