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8 PM TO 10 PM

Organizer: Jim Furlong

Phone: 212-760-9837

Email: jfurlong@hudsonguild.org

Pangaea Dance Series B (Day 2)

Get Tickets Here: https://bit.ly/2rcuFh6

Lucille Jun is interested in the quotidian narrative and how we navigate and portray the multiple identities we carry within us.

Yasmin Schönmann is invested in bringing back the human nature and essence of dance — leaving a lasting impact on her audience. She creates work that revolves around our emotional world, human connection and political/social issues.

DJ Tahleim & Katie Oliver — Dj Tahleim (2nd generation New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent) was a professional Hip Hop Dancer from the 80’s – 90’s, later becoming a top tier professional DJ — playing in NYC and internationally. Katie Oliver (a Queens-native of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent) has toured nationally and internationally as a professional dancer/performer, also serving as an arts educator for inner city youth over the past 10 years.

Barkha Dance Company (BDC) is an Indian classical Kathak dance organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Indian art and culture through performance, teaching, experimentation and artistic collaboration. The company is committed to maintaining the purity of movement and form while exploring both traditional and non-traditional contexts.

Dance Caribbean COLLECTIVE is an organizing body of dancers, choreographers and educators driven to promote Caribbean Dance Performance, preserve Cultural Legacy and facilitate Community Engagement in New York City. Our main event is the New Traditions Festival, a dance festival dedicated to Contemporary expressions of Caribbean culture held during Caribbean-American Heritage Month in Brooklyn.