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2 PM TO 5 PM

Organizer: Jim Furlong

Phone: 212-760-9837

Email: jfurlong@hudsonguild.org

Pangaea Dance Series (Day 2)

GET TICKETS HERE: https://bit.ly/2rcuFh6 

Artist Bios: 

Mersiha Mesihovic | CIRCUITDEBRIS — Mesihovic is a Bosnian-born, Swedish, Muslim, refugee, woman, dancer/performance artist, poet, educator, cultural organizer, and founder & artistic director of CIRCUITDEBRIS. She internationally engages communities by creating a space for interdisciplinary, radical dance — re-connecting people to their energetic body/awareness and transforming oppressive structures by re-imagining communal spaces.

 Cross Move Lab (Guanglei Hui with Tsai Hsi Hung) — Their work, “Prohibit” takes its name from the Chinese word “Jin,” which means to stop and go at the same time – something that expresses a movement or idea but loses its meaning in the act of expression.

Diana (of Sans Limites Dance) was born in NYC to a Puerto Rican, Ecuadorian, Irish, Norwegian-American family. Embracing her Caribbean and Iberian lineage, Diana presents a work that makes her training in Flamenco and Salsa the driving force in movement construction — fusing the percussive stomping and finger/wrist articulation of Flamenco with the footwork and hip styling of Salsa.

Movement of the People Dance Company, founded by award winning choreographer Joya Powell, is dedicated to addressing historic and present socio-cultural injustices through dance. Their latest work, “Whose Land is it Anyway,” is a poignant contemporary dance theater piece that dives into the heart of America’s separatist contradictory nature when it comes to immigration.

Renegade Performance Group will perform an excerpt from the full-length work Untamed Space – the opening section of the full work which considers the legacy of “les mawons” and their creating liberated enclaves, transforming their customs and practices, and ultimately shaping the existence of Haitian culture while forming the base of a revolution.