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2023 Annual Benefit

Welcome to Hudson Guild's 12th Annual Benefit! Thanks for joining us to celebrate our important work of fighting poverty and creating a strong community in Chelsea and beyond. We are proud to be honoring Pfizer for their longtime support of Hudson Guild.



$10,000 Provides a FULL YEAR OF HEAD START for one child. Colors, numbers, speech - the building blocks of education - begin in pre-K. But here’s the catch:  Hudson Guild is required to privately pay for 2 of every 5 kids in the program. Your gift help meet the 20% match requirement. It provides direct access to early learning for one child - and is key to unlocking $40,000 for other children!

$5,000 The TEEN PROGRAM is opening its second late summer hours center this year. Sports, music, technology - plus food and yoga! Your gift will provide the teachers and coaches who bring it all to life. Building those relationships in summer turns into school-year progress on college prep, internships and career exploration - all critical programs to help young people advance in education, careers and the path to adulthood.

$2,500 EMERGENCY CASH RELIEF FUND. You can help the Guild cover the unexpected costs that stop people from moving forward. Help with a month’s rent before the new job starts, unreimbursed dental or vision costs, a funeral or a move. The requests are all vetted and verified by Guild staff, and financial assistance is often the difference between failure and success.

$1,000 Moves SUMMER CAMP from good to great! Summer camp is free for every Hudson Guild child, but trips - to the zoo, the aquarium, water parks, museums - only happen with private support. They keep kids safe, engaged and learning - and make summer camp magical!

$500 Covers the cost of two COUNSELING sessions for anyone in the community who needs it: kids, adults, and families. Government reimbursements only cover a fraction of the cost, and your support ensures that therapy, and problem-solving, is available right here in the neighborhood.

$100 provides 50 HOMEMADE MEALS in our Older Adult Center. The Guild makes and serves 20,000 meals for seniors each year. Healthy food, shared at a table with friends and neighbors, that keeps older adults connected and thriving. All for $2 per meal!