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Youth Development & Education

Young people, ages 5-24, attend Hudson Guild for academic achievement, life skills development, college and career training, employment experience, recreation, and social/emotional support. 

A holistic approach to academic support, enrichment activities, physical activity and healthy living.

Through free after school, summer camp, college preparation, and workforce development programs, the Guild’s youth participate in the arts, socialize in structured peer groups, engage in sports and physical activity, attend field trips to sites beyond the neighborhood, and rely on a strong staff support network.

K-8 Youth Services

Hudson Guild's K-8 Youth Services Program for youth between ages 5-13 includes structured, experiential learning opportunities in the following areas: academic support, enrichment activities, physical activity, and healthy living activities.
K-8 Youth Services' structured activities map a path to achievement of specific learning goals and the acquisition of specific skills that reflect relevant New York City and State learning standards.
Our staff work with teachers, support staff, and principals at feeder schools to align our programming with school goals and identify relevant standards. 
The program infuses activities that offer opportunities for students in grades K-8 to practice basic literacy and math skills while developing problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. Our program design reinforces school-day learning through explicit academic support and by exposing participants to new experiences, ideas, and perspectives.
Establishing partnerships with the day teachers enables our program to be aware of what participants are learning during the school day and then helping participants make connections between the theory that they learn in school and the practice they have in after-school.

Teen & Young Adult Services

Hudson Guild's Teen & Young Adult Services program provides academic support, employment counseling, cultural enrichment, civic engagement opportunities, recreational activities, and social work case management to disconnected high-risk youth between the ages of 13 -24.

The Teen & Young Adult department is divided into three age-based cohorts (13-16, 17-21, 22-24) to better serve the needs of our young participants, with the intention of having them seamlessly transition from one stage to the next. Teen & Young Adult Services provides a well-rounded curriculum for our participants across six service areas:

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  • College Access: Activities are centered on academic achievement for in-school, out of school, working, and nonworking participants, including SAT Prep, post-secondary readiness, and retention with a focus on first generation students, and vocational based services.
  • Career Preparation: Centered around project management and project-based learning activities, Career Prep offers, soft skills training, certifications, entrepreneurship workshops, paid internships, and job placement.
  • Technology: Housed within the TechUp Center, we seek to utilize technology in ways that provide community-based solutions, introduce and improve participant skills in the areas of photography and video production, audio arts, engineering, and computer literacy.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Various arts and cultural based projects, events, trips, and activities are offered to broaden students’ exposure and celebrate individuality.
  • Civic Engagement: Empowerment groups and collaborations with elected officials help build skills and offer opportunities for community leadership, participation, and advocacy.
  • Health and Recreation: Designed to promote healthy habits, team sports, nutrition and cooking workshops, along with other fun and engaging movement activities are offered.