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HGPC Episode 22: Domestic Violence Awareness

September 18, 2023 | by hgadmin

In this episode, the President of S3V3N Inc., explains the importance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, coming up in October.

"S3V3N Inc. is a non-profit domestic violence organization. After years of domestic violence abuse, with little to no support for myself and almost never any support for my children, I vowed to one day establish a non-profit to help families experiencing domestic violence receive preventative services without being removed from their homes. After finally reaching a safe space I created S3V3N Inc., modeled after my family. Strength of 7. A mother, 2 sons, and 4 girls equals= S3V3N Inc. was created." - Lechelle Dawson, Founder, S3V3N Inc.

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