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Meet Massandje and Tamia

November 16, 2018 | by admin

MASSANDJE and TAMIA are both high school seniors at Thurgood Marshall Academy. Last summer, the friends were taking Certified Nursing Assistant classes, but did not have summer jobs. They learned about paid opportunities in Hudson Guild’s Teen programming, and applied immediately. In addition to their summer work, the two participated in Guild activities such as the Women’s Empowerment Workshop, women’s self-defense training and dance classes.

Based on their performance over the summer, Massandje and Tamia were selected by Hudson Guild to participate in the “Eye on the Future” internship at CBS News! There, they are learning more about the world of work in a real-life setting.

Massandje plans to go to a four-year SUNY school to obtain a Bachelor of Science and become a Registered Nurse, then pursue a Master of Science. Tamia’s goal is to enter the medical field and open a nonprofit organization that mentors young women and students.

Both young women credit Hudson Guild as a place that helps people and supports their growth. Massandje states, “The Guild is a place of comfort... the youths and adults that are present in this environment are very caring and don’t mind reaching out a hand to help anyone.” Tamia adds, “My strengths are that I am very resilient and persistent. I am innovative, and I love to learn. I can handle problems at hand and I am helpful and very determined. Whatever objectives I have I will make sure to reach them.”

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